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guys, i need help.

my family is poor and my dad is verbally abusive. my mom is pulling the weight of keeping us afloat and is getting overwhelmed, esp since she may lose her job again because of this fucking recession (which is so not over, despite what the papers say.) I'm away at school - I work two jobs and don't sleep alot but whatever, because this shit needs to be done.


my problem now is my high school senior brother is breaking down. i mean, snorting adhd meds, drinking until he's puking, barely eating (the meds), barely sleeping, spiraling out of control. i couldn't take him to a therapist or put im on drugs if i wanted to - i'm his sister, and not too much older - and we can't risk our parents finding out. plus, we have no money. he's completely overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the joneses and having no idea how to cope. he came to me sobbing last night and i ended up staying up for a good couple hours with him.

my question is this: what the fuck do i do? i told him to start doing his hobbies again and keeping a journal. i told him he's almost out of school and he doesn't have much longer to go. but i am totally at a loss! have any of you dealt with something like this?

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